Your 10-Step Website Health Check


Do you want to increase sales by up to 40%?

Do you want happier customers?

Do you want better word of mouth?


If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, consider these statistics:

  • 40% of all visitors will bounce if your page takes more than 3 seconds to load.

  • A second delay in page response decreases customer satisfaction by 16%.

  • 50% of people will tell others if they have a negative experience on your site.

There are a number of factors that could mean your website is not attracting as much business as it could be. In some cases, your website might even be driving business away rather than attracting it!

Take my 10-step website health check to quickly get a good picture of where your website is looking good and where it might need some tweaking to improve things.

Take 15 minutes to run through this checklist from Websites By Lucy and you’ll come away with:


  • Clarity about what your website can and should be doing for your business.
    Once you get clear on the results you want your website to be creating in your business you have something to work towards. If you’re making the changes yourself, you know what you’re aiming for, and if you’re outsourcing this work, you know what to ask for and how to measure the results.
  • A summary of where your website is looking good and any areas that could use improvement.
    The next step in getting better results from your website is to understand where your website might be falling short at the moment. Armed with this knowledge you can start making improvements and watching the positive impact on your business.
  • An action plan for making the changes you need to make.
    This prioritised checklist will enable you to decide which elements of your website to focus on first so that you are working on the biggest impact changes. You may not have the resources to do everything at once so it is important to have a step-by-step plan to work through.