Great! You’ve written your blog post, added some images, made sure it’s well-optimised for Google and hit ‘Publish’. All done 🙂

Errr, no. Now the real work begins: Getting your blog post out there. You could just sit back and wait for people to find it but you’ve taken the time to write it, you might as well make the most of it and get it in front as many people as possible.

Urrrgghh, more work!

How about getting other people to share it for you?

You’ll still want to do your bit by sharing it on social media but these 5 approaches can encourage more people to do the sharing for you and that way you’re getting in front of new audiences all the time.

1. Use a social sharing plugin.

Make sure that you have share buttons on each blog post, ideally at the top and the bottom. I use Monarch from Elegant Themes but there are plenty to choose from, both free and premium (paid).

A couple of others with good reputations are Social Warfare which comes in free or premium versions and Sumo Share which is free. The premium version of Social Warfare allows you to add multiple hidden images and descriptions specifically for Pinterest which can be useful if that’s an important platform for you.

2. Include click to tweet quotes in your blog post.

People are always looking for good content to share on Twitter so why not make it easy for them. The Better Click To Tweet plugin adds a tweet symbol to the WordPress editor which allows you to insert a box like the one below, at any point in your post, making it super-easy for people to share.

People are always looking for good content to share on Twitter so why not make it easy for them. Click To Tweet

Give it a click to see how it works. When the tweet goes out it will include a link to the blog post and your Twitter handle.

3. Add a pin it button to your images.

If you’re already including good images in your blog posts then this one takes almost zero effort on your part. Install the plugin jQuery Pin It Button for Images and your readers will automatically see a “Pin It” button when they hover over any images.

Clicking the button will show them a pop-up with the image and description all ready for pinning.

Pinterest is a major source of traffic for a lot of blogs nowadays and invaluable if your blog is in a niche which relies heavy on imagery, e.g. interior design, fashion, beauty or food.

4. Install a content locker.

This one takes a bit more work but could be worth adding to your more popular posts (you could use Google Analytics to identify your top 3 blog posts and start from there).

The idea is that you put some of your content behind a ‘content locker’ which requires people to share your post in order to access this content. You can use a content locker to hide the main body of your blog post but I prefer to create some extra content to accompany a post, e.g. a checklist or some other sort of printable, and just put that behind the locker.

Here’s an example of what this might look like:

This example is from Content Locker Pro but there are lots of plugins that offer this type of functionality.

5. Ask for the share.

Finally, the low-tech option – ask people to share your posts. You can add this as a call to action at the end of your blog post or include it as part of your comment when you’re sharing your post on social media. People are more likely to take an action if you specifically ask them to do it.

I hope you found this post useful – and if you did please click on one or more of the buttons below to share it on your favourite social media platforms 🙂

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