About Lucy

You could call me a creative geek. I love good design and creative problem solving but I’ve also got a mind that thrives on the technical stuff. For years, I’d wanted to run my own business, just like my dad did. Then I found the work that allows me to be creative and techie and be my own boss — web design and development.

The Creative Side of Me

I’ve been building websites since 2011, partly for my own use (there’s that creative urge that needs to be fulfilled) and partly for people who’d just seen my work and liked it. My first real challenge came when a keen client asked me to design a much more complex site for his business. At first, I hesitated; after some persuasion, though, I dived in, quickly discovering the tools I needed to build the site efficiently and effectively. More importantly, I’d discovered that I adore the creative process of website design!

The Techie Side of Me

I began my career in IT as a programmer for Capgemini and have been getting my head around the technical stuff ever since. I thrive on the nitty-gritty of WordPress, Search Engine Optimisation and fixing those seemingly unsolvable website problems that make life a nightmare for the small business owner. Solving these knotty problems (and saving organisations and businesses days’ worth of frustrating work in the process) gives me a real buzz!

The communicator who brings it all together

Connecting with customers has always been the most exciting part of working life for me. It’s those connections that make the business world go round.

I worked in technical support for many years, so I’ve got a strong background in understanding what people want. I also understand the technical jargon of web development—but I explain things to my clients in everyday, non-technical language. Oh, and I do like a good chat, so get in touch and tell me what you need for your website.

Special things I love about my working life

  • Building good-looking, functional websites that make their owners proud of the services and products they offer. It’s exciting having a business idea, but it’s even more exciting seeing that idea come to life in something physical like a website. I love the reaction of business owners when they see their new websites go live!
  • Analysing problems and finding clear solutions — solving website headaches for busy people is one of my favourite jobs!
  • Finding new tools that make web design faster and easier for my clients.
  • Training people to change things on their websites themselves—if that’s what they want to do! I also make personalised, step-by-step videos showing website owners exactly how to do things for themselves.

Outside of work …

I’ve been cooking since I was a child and I’m pretty obsessed with food. I especially love cooking and eating vegetarian food and creating my own recipes.

I live in Sheffield with my partner, Tom, and our greyhound, Bingo.

My perfect day would start with a long dog walk followed by lunch in a cosy Peak District pub and a relaxing afternoon at home with time to play in the kitchen and cook something great for dinner.

Where can we chat?

If you’re local to Sheffield, I’d love to meet up with you at one of my favourite networking events. I’m often at:

Find out which event I’m going to next — get in touch!

If you can’t make it along to one of these, then — wherever you are in the world — email me here or connect with me on social media:

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