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Lucy working on a website, comparing the desktop and mobile versions

Do you need a bit of help?

Would an hour or two of expert help make all the difference? This option is great if you’re a website DIY-er who just needs a bit of extra help with the tricky bits or a business that doesn’t have a regular website developer to reach out to.

You can book an hour or two of my time to pick my brain. We’ll jump on a Zoom call and share your screen (or meet up if you’re local to me). This time can be used for anything you need, e.g.

  • Troubleshooting a problem on your website
  • Changing a page layout or adjusting some of the styling
  • Adding and configuring a new plugin
  • Asking a whole load of niggly little questions that have been holding you back for a while
  • Getting some training on how to update your website

WordPress consultations are charged at £75 per hour.

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